Happy New Year 2021

2020, a year that we’re certainly glad to see the end of, has finally left us all with hope for better times. Making it to 2021 already feels like a burden lifted from the chest because the swings of 2020 have affected us all somehow. Although, it started as any other year what we got to experience, learn and understand is quite exceptional and surprising at the same time. While 2020 had its share of troubles, it also allowed us to have time for self reflection and a much needed introspection. The losses have been huge in comparison to the gains but gladly it's an end to this roller-coaster ride. So, as we bid adieu to this year, let’s look at how 2020 helped Awarewolf grow as a family of 1000+ members.

While the businesses right from a local general store to multi-national companies were affected, the clothing sector was not spared ofcourse. We at Awarewolf function on one simple business plan of “dealing in premium quality clothing” which is one major thing that is vanishing from the markets. But it's not so long ago that we started selling from an online platform. The progress we have made is all within the efforts of six months.

In the fully equipped competent market loaded with deep rooted fashion forward brands, Awarewolf emerged as a little sapling with the hope and goal to make a change by serving quality conscious customers through an online platform. Emerging with the goal to directly connect to our customers through a website was a consequence of the challenging trading environment and the significant decrease in customer demand in the offline channels due to the global pandemic and safety measures like ‘social distancing’. But surprisingly, these uncertain situations have only made us stronger as we have been able to undertake new initiatives and grow old ones.

The states we used to deliver to, have multiplied 3 times and the virtual world has gifted this little startup with a much wider platform ranging from Jaipur to Bihar and Kashmir to Karnataka. To add onto the goodness, our design and production departments have also grown directly proportional to the new product range. In August, we established our presence on platforms like Amazon and Flipkart.

Thanks to the Wonderful Awarewolf family like you, we have established ourselves into a ‘source’ and not merely a ‘sales pitch’. We have filled our pages with purpose, experimentation and transparency. Next year, we hope to grow and continue to receive love just how we have received till now.

With abundance of love, hope and smiles, wish you a prosperous New Year.

-Team Awarewolf